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tv   Quick Bites  SFGTV  June 21, 2016 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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disability for reviewing the drawings and making this assessable for everyone. >> (clapping.) >> the san francisco police department for keeping this neighborhood safe. >> (clapping.) >> and the downtown streets team who petroleum tons of trash and needles every morning. >> (clapping.) >> the community ambassadors program for coping this place friendly. >> (clapping.) >> and the heart of city the farmer's market and the gift gallery to bring people into space everyday. >> (clapping.) >> there's a group called curing without worry they serve up informed and off the grid for organizing the trucks and the plaza last but not least i'd like to thank hunters point family for helping maintain this exhibition
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and keep it safe and going forward. >> (clapping.) >> so un plaza is successful during dos events how do we bring overseeing diverse consultant together especially times between the event we took inspiration from the exploratorium exhibit to connect people are experiences those massive aluminum chimneys behind me are turn down to resonate when played together they sound or sound role good if you look at over there the 3 giant echo townhouses their an k3 turn farther 3 of them are open on both ended they encourage people to play inside of the echo area the exhibit over there is called
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ticktock like giant metronomes you can make richldz as our parking garages through the pates space and behind you a pit of gravel and it tests our ability to walk across a graveled path creating air for the bystanders i want to point out those exhibit might look finished it is a prototype and there in lies the important impact not a two year installation but a long term excerpt how to plan a envision and city it is the envision for a participatory public space a general active place where new ideas and dialogue can to that we want people to make the city
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through acts of curiosity and hope you enjoy the comments now let's go and experiment together. >> (clapping.) >> auto (yeah). >> thank you, steve and the "x" turn a couple more people to thank and play with the stuff thanks to the community grant for the arts that actually granted a big grant to make that happen thank you so much for those organizations and, of course, last but not least i need to thank my own staff paul and kathy who are here together over here. >> (clapping.) >> really heavily involved additional across the city with the mayor's office of notation thank you and for all the groupies on the public space you know this name neil standing behind me passion for this work
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is unmatched >> (clapping.) >> neil is constantly pushing me to do more budgeted budget more and more the result we have a other than use it is steroid thank you all and have a great day and joy the exhibit and stay more involved. >> (clapping.) >> >> all right. are redoing a count down
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>> i tried to think about this room as the dream room, where we dream and bring some of those dreams to life. i feel very blessed that i have been able to spend the last 31 years of my life doing it my way, thinking about things better interesting to me, and then pursuing them. there are a lot of different artists that come here to work, mostly doing aerial work. kindred spirits, so to speak. there is a circus company that i have been fortunate enough to work with the last couple of years. i use elements of dance and choreography and combine that with theater techniques. a lot of the work is content- based, has a strong narrative.
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the dancers have more of a theatrical feel. i think we are best known for our specific work. in the last 15 years, spending a lot of time focusing on issues that affect us and are related to the african-american experience, here in the united states. i had heard of marcus shelby and had been in join his work but never had the opportunity to meet him. we were brought together by the equal justice society specifically for this project. we were charged with beginning work. marquez and i spent a lot of time addressing our own position on the death penalty, our experiences with people who
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had been incarcerated, family members, friends of friends. pulling our information. beyond that, we did our own research. to create a picture that resonated with humanity. it is the shape of a house. in this context, it is also small and acts like a cell. i thought that was an interesting play on how these people make these adjustments, half to create home. what is home for these people? the home is their cell. people talk a lot about noise -- very noisy in prisons. that is interesting to me. looking at the communication
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level, the rise of frustration of being caged, wondering, where does redemption fit into the equation here? [singing] i think both of us really believe the death penalty is wrong, and is flawed for many reasons. the list is as long as my arm -- about several others. we feel this is important for both of us, personally, to participate in the debate of this issue in a way that we can
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help people frame it for a conversation. . >> good morning, everyone welcome to the welcome to did people's palace i want to welcome someone that served the governor and the council executive of king couldn't my friend gasping lock is here
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thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> first, i want to acknowledge that our city is going into the pride month with a heavy heart we're all shockedcy the tragic shootings in orlando and our thoughts remain with the that is my understanding and frames by this senseless act that violation against how or our lgbt community we stand in solidarity with them although the recent event cause us to pause gives us a renewed sense ever purchase for uniting with unity towards a better future for the entire community during the pride celebration we'll be having a heightened security for you with our police department and other public safety agencies i
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encourage everyone to say something if you see something happen this is how we work with our community to make sure that everyone is safe in our city has a proud history of inclusiveness and leading the fight against hiv and ada we've congresswoman come a long way since the dark days of aids country's we're getting closer to this because of the people in the room we've got closer to zero thank you to europe of you for all our participation your input, your gowns and leadership >> (clapping.) >> yeah. as you may know san francisco's aiming become the first city to get to zero this means zero new hiv enacts and zero death from
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hiv and zero stigma and discriminates we're on the right track last year fewer than 200 infections we'll going get closer and closer advertised go we can do better i'll consist we focus on preservation getting people the care immediately slopt and making sure they're in treatment and have many, many strength to build only one of the strengths i've that and always say that a strong community participation we owe much of our second, second to the practices of that diverse is community to tell the truth and listening to the community and collaborating for progress this is the only way to get to zero we want to commend permanent thank all the members of the hiv
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planning council for their hard work and their continued work say commitment in the future your participation in the two predecessor counsels that have shaped noble how our city cares forces those living with hiv and aid but presenting new infections that's a long road for the merging of the councils together thank you director gary's and the public health department on this front is it so exist as one of the first of its kind in the nation the council will take on a unit front on accident fight against ada hiv thank you >> (clapping.) >> your work will allow san francisco to better coordinate and strengthen our history infrastructure to do planning
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for the continuum from preservation to wrap around services in council can help us going get to zero and end sdriems we know i think we can make an impact about the discussion that or on blood that's the real stigma in our in addition, we have prioritized fidget against hiv and aids my budget has back filled because of our supervisors hero today supervisor wiener and, of course, supervisor campos and others we had to backfill the unfortunate back cuts from the federal government since nevada no matter what the challenge we did it. >> (clapping.) >> and we remain committed to
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providing comprehensive care and focus on care - on the preservation side kept is a preservation strategy san francisco started in 2010 our prep income tax program connects people to the resources and there are new now 6 thousand people on the prep in san francisco and i'd like to thank supervisor wiener for his leadership in making prep widely available and informed. >> (clapping.) >> >> so today in addition to swearing in our 0 planning council we want to narrow we're launching the new prep campaign for an uptick of prevention of history let me innovative
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bearing and supervisor wiener 0 say a few few words about prep. >> (clapping.) >> thank you mr. mayor i'm very proud to serve for mayor ed lee he's had every time the budget the first question what are redoing around the hiv dollars so take note of his leadership. >> (clapping.) >> and strong support but i want to make sure we acknowledge the charitable incidents against. >> latino and lgbt community especially the that concludes my report. renals and the other communities we'll hear more and more community the resolve and the currently you've seen from latino and latino lgbt community is incredible
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and i'm so proud of resolve and the responses and you think many times government loaders and other leaders we forgot the strength of people of color the fortitude we have as native and immigrant community so it is this strength we should count on and look to when they are thinking about our services new opportunity and medications like preparing that can survive i've been arena long enough to watch the urban pounceable names and new names of medications and many campaigns for hiv and aids that have satisfied so many lives in the past as for those new sxiefk games what is important at times what is more important how we tried treat our
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community of color and respect them and this honor will get us to zero transition and death and stigma i want to acknowledge all our dpw employees that do the work for us i can't do this alone i want to acknowledge folks can you stand for a second. >> (clapping.) >> we have researchers standing, department of human resources standing and activists standing they've been the construction of our department but today, i want to honor our leaders on the hiv planning council it has seen me come to those meetings mid-market some days we disagree but many times
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agree but your role is announced by federal, state, and local government and i'm proud you have found a way to come together i ask is that mayor four or five years ago is it takes time to come together i'm proud of you so i want to thank you, very much. thank you. >> (clapping.) >> i'm also proud today to announce that starting today, we'll see a new prep campaign that will celebrate prep as a way to reduce the risk of hiv by more than 90 terrace to working closely to make sure we eliminate contribution and remember the stigma is the code word for description and homophobia so thank you, thank you and thank you. >> (clapping.) >> help us get to zero thank you so much thank you.
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>> (clapping.) >> thank you barbara for really those moving words about orlando i think for a lot of us we woke up and saw those headlines it was like just an absolute punch to the gut to i think we can all remember for those who don't go out as much what it means to be in a gay bar or number those are our community sacrifices and ways that it is not outside of lgbt community for generations of our community members those are at times the only places where you can guess and be who you are and
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build community and in fact as we're hearing from the extraordinarily hearing stories about the people that were killed in the club and their family members not knowing they were lgbt our lgbt night life no one's in 2016 to play that community building and community strengthening role and have that scared space stloiltd this go unbelievably horrible massacre is a violation i can't articulate and i think that we owe it to the people that were killed and the people injured to the family families the influence that we should continue to fight to end violation or violence with what is happening every single day and commit to that
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in terms of the matter at hand i want to thank the mayor for his continued support of the people living with history and people at risked for the advisory we took office the same month we were hit with the first federal ryan white and the mayor didn't blink my colleagues didn't bring we continued year after year to really backfill the failure of the federal government >> (clapping.) >> and you know, i came of age as a gay man in 1987 when we were living in the era of fear an association of death and sickness with sex when we didn't no effective treatment the terror of getting tested to wait
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two weeks will i be positive or dead in a few months and going through that and generations of lgbt people you know having that trauma and the progress we've made over the years is incredible and this cause of san francisco the because of our community-based organizations our community advocates this city as time and g time again set the standards created the template and nooshd and the rest of the country and world has followed we need to continue to do that and we are continuing to do that with our getting to zero effort i've been proud to work with the department on the getting to zero and again, a template that others replicate and those
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infections to make sure that people living with the advisor are healthy and eliminating them and ii know we'll be successful about a year and a half ago in december of 2014 i announced that i am on preparing that was it was a little bit scary i want to thank the san francisco aids foundation and uflg for helping me through that process it was a positive response i think that people fundamentally get it we have a tool that so dramatically reduces the risk of infection we need to promote and invest and make sure that people can assess no matter how wealthy i didn't or poor and should have insurance access to powerful
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prevention tool one our consultant communities are are voices including loud voices that are trying stigma its prep and we have to continue to push back and make sure that the word is out there this matters and will safe lives thank you to everyone and let's keep on fighting to i understand hiv infections. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, supervisor and let me say again, all of you who are i'm about the to swear in letting me give a personal thank you this is not easy work i know that when our faced with the need to change people's behavior when our faced with discriminates with stigma when our trying to get informed about the facts it is not easy to do
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all of that in the faced of things that are going on that sometimes we don't have control over i want tofirst thank everyone that is stepping up to be on the hiv council without you, we couldn't find a way to get to zero on infections and prevent this deadly disease from increasing the disaster reduce effect please they're your jobs seriously and also live proudly talk to people continue giving them the encouragement that they need to have in order to do the right thing to save their own lives or their friends or families lives with that, if i can ask all the members of hiv planning council to please stand up and raise
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your hand and yell your names out i >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> foreign and domestic. >> (repeated.) >> and that i will bear true faith and allegiance. >> and to the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> that i take this oath freely. >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.)
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>> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties. >> (repeated.) >> and during such time as i hold office of as he member of the hiv planning council repeated for the city and county of san francisco members thank you very much thank you congratulations >> (clapping.) >> all right. we get do go to woto go to work
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